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Letting Go of Guilt This Holiday

Guilt isn’t exactly the greatest emotion to feel. That feeling of wishing we could go back in time and change an action or something that was said in the heat of the moment can be a heavy one to sit with. But did you know that guilt is crucial for our development? Guilt is extremely […]

The Case for Gratitude

As Thanksgiving approaches, many of us focus on the things we are grateful for. Our families and support systems. Security in having a roof over our heads at the end of the day. Food on the table. Financial security. There are many things to be grateful for each and every day. But how often do […]

Holiday Stress Management

While we often look to the holidays for times of joy and gratitude, many of us often feel the harsh pressures and stress of high expectations. From gift buying and decorating to planning holiday gatherings and endless lists of household chores, the holidays can often leave us stressed out and exhausted. This year try these […]

Coping with a Roommate

Having a roommate can be a wonderful experience for some, but we’ve all heard an anecdotal tale about a terrible roommate. As we reach the middle of the semester, you may be feeling emotionally and physically exhausted with both classes and dorm life. But learning to grow and adapt to communicate efficiently with others is […]