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Parenting Shame: Why Did I Have Kids Again?

Have you ever felt parenting shame? Picture this. You’re sitting in the middle of the living room. On a floor with toys strewn about and yesterday’s Gold Fish Crackers crushed into the carpet. Your oldest is crying because your middle child won’t stop licking him. The baby just finished eating after crying since 2am. And […]

Meet Our Newest Counselor!

We have exciting news! Cristina Panaccione and Associates, Counseling, has been rapidly growing over the past few months. So much in fact that we are diving head first into a new expansion plan. Our goal is to always provide the very best care and counsel to our clients as possible. With that said, we are […]

Other Postpartum Symptoms

For the last two weeks, we’ve been discussing the postpartum disorders that arise once your baby is born. As much as we’d like to say that these issues don’t happen, these cases are becoming more and more prominent. Fortunately, women are becoming braver and braver in sharing their stories and reaching out for help. Two […]

The Anxious Mother

Motherhood is an indescribable experience. You aren’t able to understand it until you become a mother. And while it has its incredible ups, motherhood also has its downs. New mothers especially are in for a whirlwind, as there are many mental illnesses that thrive once a baby is born. Last week we opened up dialogue […]

DBT Skills for Depression and Anxiety

A few weeks ago, we posted a blog on CBT, a type of treatment that promotes changing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to manage and reduce anxiety. Today, we want to take a deeper dive into a branch of CBT called Dialectical Behavior Therapy. DBT skills are important, as they tend to fill in […]

Coping with Reproductive Issues

Maybe you have always known you wanted to be a parent. Perhaps the maternal/paternal feelings didn’t come until later in your life. There are those who have actively sought out parenthood. Or maybe the transition came without warning. However the journey unfolds, parenthood is an exciting time. Many claim that the day of their child’s […]

The Cycle of Wellness

Health is a cycle. It’s continuous, constantly fed by the choices you make. The cycle of wellness can be positive, negative, and in some cases, stagnant. The positive feedback cycle tends to be fueled by “healthy” choices. Consuming a wholesome diet. Getting in at least half an hour of activity a day. Sleeping enough. Managing […]