exposure therapy

What Is Exposure Therapy?

Exposure therapy. I’m sure you’ve heard the term before. But what does it entail exactly? For starters, exposure therapy is a psychological treatment. And it was developed to help people confront their fears. We tend to avoid the things we are afraid of. The fears could be objects, specific activities, or even situations. Avoidance may work in the short term. However, in the long term, the fear may become worse.

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parenting shame

Parenting Shame: Why Did I Have Kids Again?

Have you ever felt parenting shame? Picture this. You’re sitting in the middle of the living room. On a floor with toys strewn about and yesterday’s Gold Fish Crackers crushed into the carpet. Your oldest is crying because your middle child won’t stop licking him. The baby just finished eating after crying since 2am. And then proceeds to vomit all over you. But that’s ok because you haven’t showered in 3 days anyhow.

You can’t remember the last time you saw your best friend. Adult conversation has become more than a perk. But it’s an ongoing, deep-rooted need that you can’t seem to find time for. Tears well up in your eyes. And the parenting shame fills your chest as you question every decision that lead to this moment.  “Why did I ever decide to have kids?!”

And then the oldest scoops the youngest up and tries to teach her his favorite game as your heart melts and a freight train of guilt slams into your gut.

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addiction treatment

Approaching a Loved One Who Needs Addiction Treatment

Today’s blog is a collaboration piece written by Bethany Hatton. Bethany, a retired librarian with 32 years of experience, created PreventAddiction.info after her oldest grandson became addicted to opioids. Though she discovered there is no guaranteed way to prevent addiction; she was able to find many helpful resources that can keep the public up to date on the latest prevention, addiction, and recovery information.

There’s an old maxim about drug and alcohol abuse which says that a substance abuser has to hit rock bottom before the process of healing can begin. Many experts in the field of addiction treatment, as well as former substance abusers, dispute that claim. Rather insisting that an individual who has a strong personal support system can make a real difference. It can be very difficult to convince someone to seek treatment for addiction. But it can be done before a loved one bottoms out. It just takes extra love and patience. It’s important to try to make a loved one understand that addiction is a chronic condition. That this is something they will battle for a long time. And that there’s no shame in seeking help for such a persistent and dangerous condition.

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body talk: self-love and acceptance

Body Talk: Self-Love and Acceptance

As we enter this last week of the month, so too comes the conclusion of our Body Talk series. We’ve discussed listening to our bodies.  And we learned how to nourish it with whole, nutrient-dense foods. Last week we dove into the topic of exercise and appropriate rest. And sure, these concepts are great and dandy in theory. But making them a part of our everyday routine is a bit of a challenge. Which is why for this last week, we wanted to cover a topic of much greater significance. Body Talk: self-love and acceptance.

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body and exercise

Body Talk: The Body and Exercise

Welcome to this week’s Body Talk Conversation. To catch you up to speed, we’re talking all things “body”. Two weeks ago, we jumped straight into “Listening to Our Bodies.” And last week we discussed the not-so-fun-to-talk-about-topic of food. Why are we doing this again? We’re so glad you asked! The goal is to get us a bit more comfortable talking about and understanding our bodies. We how difficult this topic can be. I know a lot of us are constantly on guard when the topic comes up. But all bodies and every body should be celebrated. We should love this vessel of life. We should cherish it and nurture it as best we can. Because let’s be real, at the end of the day, our bodies are one of the only things guaranteed to us in this life. So to continue on, let’s dive into the next topic: The Body and Exercise.

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body talk the body and food

Body Talk: The Body and Food

This month at CPA we’re talking everything to do with our bodies. We’re calling this little crash “course” body talk. And the goal is to get us a bit more comfortable talking about and understanding our bodies. I want to reiterate once more that I know how difficult this topic can be. I know a lot of us are constantly on guard when the topic comes up. We throw up walls and other defenses, hoping to change the topic of conversation as quickly as possible.

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your body

Body Talk: Listen to Your Body

Body talk. I know. This topic is a tough one to discuss. It’s a topic full of defense mechanisms and guard. It’s tough to navigate. Or rather, it’s difficult in a tight rope sort of sense. One misstep, too much or too little transfer of weight, and you’re falling. Some of us only fall a little, yet there are others who wonder if they’ll ever hit the ground. It’s a topic that shouldn’t be this way though. Because, well, it’s the one thing truly carrying us through this life. This is why it’s time we have to start listening. What is your body actually telling you?

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Stress can be beneficial when it helps a person develop healthy, yet necessary coping skills to deal with any situation life throws at you.

Coping Skills: Stress of Running Your Own Business

All of us experience stress. From seniors to adults and teens to children, we’ve all felt that whirlwind of emotions. Stress is technically the reaction to a situation where a person feels threatened or anxious. It can be a positive kind of stress, like the kind of planning any big event. Or it can be the negative kind, such as dealing with a natural disaster. Stress can be beneficial when it helps a person develop necessary skills to deal with any situation life throws at you. However, that isn’t always the case. You can put problems into perspective by finding healthy ways to cope with stress. Today, I want to share with you my favorite coping skills to help with stress – especially in-regards to running your own business.

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Counseling for Kids

Counseling for Kids: Social Anxiety

The term “social anxiety” appears everywhere in today’s world. Many automatically associate the words with those that consider themselves introverts. Some refuse to even take the phrase seriously. But social anxiety isn’t simply the fear of interacting with other people. It’s actually characterized as an intense fear of social situations in which that person may be judged and criticized by others. Social anxiety disorders can truly disrupt a person’s life, especially that of a child. Continue reading as we discuss social anxiety counseling for kids.

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How to Rekindle a Marriage

How to Rekindle Your Marriage After Having a Baby

How to rekindle your marriage after having a baby. Your baby is finally here! You’ve moved from a family of two to a family of three in a whirlwind. It’s been wonderful and you’ve been full of excitement diving into this next chapter. However, it has also been exhausting and full of worry. These aren’t exactly ideal emotions to cultivate in a romantic relationship. Unfortunately, maintaining a marriage post-baby takes a lot of time and energy. Basically, the two things you don’t have much of right now. But by working on your relationship, it will only grow. Here are some tips on how to rekindle your marriage after having a baby!

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