social media addiction

Social Media Addiction: What It Is and What To Do About It

Social Media – Too Much of a Good Thing?

Social Media Addiction. How can we possibly be addicted to social media – it wasn’t even invented until a few years ago.  We decided to look at the Pew Research paper on Social media use in the US to see just how much people use social media. Check it out, but if you are under 40 odds are over 80% of you are using social media daily. And 70% of those people are using Facebook every day.  The use stats on all of the major networks in the US are in the link.  And if you are thinking it is just Millennials with this issue – think again.  In January of this year the Ny Times reported that Gen X’ers spend more time on Social Media than Millennials.

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Divorce: What Should You Do When Kids Are Involved?

Divorcing ?

It is never an easy decision to separate or divorce. Even as adults it can be a very taxing process in which we lose our identity, friends, family members, and some financial freedoms. Our adult brains can rationalize or even anticipate the changes that will be coming upon us, but what does it mean for the kids? How do they handle the stress of divorce and what does it do to their view of self and family?

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suicidal behavior can start with isolation and moodiness

Suicidal Behavior in Teenagers

Suicidal behavior. Is it a problem? Sadly, suicide is the third leading cause of death in teenagers. Suicide attempts are an extremely serious issue. Yet, the “last straw” events which lead teenagers to attempt suicide are very common. They include situations such as family conflict or a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Another possibility could be things such as legal problems and school difficulties. The availability of firearms coupled with an increased use of alcohol has been suggested as playing a role in the increased suicide rate. Especially among adolescents who don’t think before they act

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Faith based living

Faith Based Counseling: Susan Rosemeier, MA

Faith based living. We all grow up with certain values, morals, religious beliefs and traditions that were instilled by our environments and families. This is especially true here in western Pennsylvania where family values are an integral part of our lives. However, there also comes a time when these beliefs are questioned. Those are the times we come face-to-face with grief and loss, social issues, political ideology, job loss, and other tough situations. What then? What if what we believed all our lives is not matching up with our experiences. Or what if there is a disconnect between what we have always believed? Or what friends and society are telling us? Such questioning can hinder our enjoyment in life, lead to fractured relationships with family, and leave us feeling lost and empty.

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fighting with your ex

Fighting With Your Ex: What it Does to the Kids

Fighting with your ex spouse is all too common in our world today. This is sad because, as a rule, more contact with both parents is better for children. But only if the parents’ conflict is contained. If fighting with your ex is uncontrolled, children may do better to see one parent less — and be exposed to less fighting as a result. More contact with each parent may mean sharing time with the children equally; but that arrangement is the exception, not the rule.

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Mary Brodland, LCSW

Aging and the problems that it brings are an area that requires special skills and a special person.  We are committed to helping to improve the quality of life for all of our clients and we are please to announce a staff expansion to help us do that for this growing area of our population. We want to welcome Mary Brodland to our South Hills Pittsburgh PA based practice. Mary is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who provides services for adults over the age of 60 for many types of difficult situations they may face.  A great way to get a feel for the type of person that Mary is is to watch her interview with me on Coffee with a Counselor.

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Caregiver stress

Caregiver Stress

Caring for a loved one can be a very rewarding experience. You are able to give back to a loved one in their time of need, however the stressors involved can lead to damaging symptoms and caregiver stress or burnout. The demands of caregiving can feel overwhelming at times and if left unchecked they can take a toll on the caregiver’s health, relationships and mental wellbeing. Even the most resilient people can feel the strain of caring for a loved one in need.

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Childhood anxiety

The Anxious Child: Dealing with Childhood Anxiety

Childhood anxiety is a normal part of growing up. All children will experience anxiety at some point in their development. Different phases of development can lead to temporarily increased levels of anxiety. But sometimes it isn’t just a phase. When do we know if a child needs help with managing anxiety symptoms?

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Cutting: Should I Be Worried About My Self-Harming Teen?

“Why does my teenager cut themselves? How can my child cut themselves? What does cutting mean? Is my child suicidal because they are cutting? How can I help my teenager to stop cutting?”

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life review

Life Review = Life Affirmation by Mary Brodland, LCSW

I open my eyes and see the popcorn ceiling with it’s dimpled surface. The bed under me might be comfortable to most, but I have “Arthur” (arthritis) bad in my back and nothing has felt comfortable for quite some time. I turn my face slowly to the right and am met with a deflated sheet; plain and cold looking. I used to tear up each morning when I looked that way because for fifty-one years, that now empty flat sheet was filled with my warm, best friend and love of my life. It’s been 5 years now, and no, I’m still not “over it.” Hell, I’m not even in our home; the home we paid off, painted, gardened, and raised our family in. I’m here in this popcorn ceilinged square called apartment 202, in the “wisdom wing.” Clever.

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