coping through journaling

Life After Therapy: PLEASE Skills and Coping Through Journaling

Coping through journaling. This month we’re covering the topic of “Life After Therapy.” What can you do to ensure you use effective coping skills? How do you stay positive when life suddenly throws a new obstacle at you? Will you revert back to negative coping or will you remember your tool kit in your time of need? We know, this is a lot to wonder. And for some of you, may even start to poke at your anxiety. But that’s why we’re continually here to support you. Whether you are recently (or not so recently) out of therapy or you know the end of your sessions is approaching, these tips can help you reinforce the great progress you’ve been making!

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letting go of judgment

Coming Out of Therapy: Letting Go of Judgment

Letting go of judgment. Have you recently stopped therapy? Perhaps you’ve just finished a program. Or maybe you’ve been coping well and don’t feel the need to continue. The reason doesn’t matter. What matters is how you approach life, now that you’ve completed therapy. In this “Coming Out of Therapy” series, we want to give you advice on how to live the best possible life with the skills you’ve learned. Let’s take the coping skills and self-awareness and apply them so you begin to thrive. Today, we are going to talk about the most crucial tool you have: Letting go of judgment.

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your body

Body Talk: Listen to Your Body

Body talk. I know. This topic is a tough one to discuss. It’s a topic full of defense mechanisms and guard. It’s tough to navigate. Or rather, it’s difficult in a tight rope sort of sense. One misstep, too much or too little transfer of weight, and you’re falling. Some of us only fall a little, yet there are others who wonder if they’ll ever hit the ground. It’s a topic that shouldn’t be this way though. Because, well, it’s the one thing truly carrying us through this life. This is why it’s time we have to start listening. What is your body actually telling you?

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Are You Making New Years Resolutions?

As the end of 2017 approaches, many of us are already thinking ahead into the New Year. As we reflect on the past and want to change in the future, the words “New Years Resolutions” may be flashing inbig, bold letters in our minds. But with half of all resolutions failing, how can we make resolutions that actually stick? Keep reading to help identify and reach your 2018 goals.

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temper tantrums

Temper Tantrums

Temper Tantrums: What They Are, What They Mean and How to Manage Them

Temper Tantrums. You’ve been there. A toddler is lying on his back in the middle of the store. He’s screaming at the top of his little lungs and pounding his fists when he didn’t get the Snickers bar in the candy aisle. You’ve heard that child screeching and crying hysterically a few rows back on the plane. Which isn’t great, as you’re already struggling to mentally prepare yourself for Thanksgiving with the in-laws. You’ve seen it.  You’ve heard it. And maybe even pitied the humiliated parent who was desperately trying to calm their child mid-meltdown. You might even have been that parent. How confident did you feel in your ability to handle that situation?

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life transitions, transition

Life Transitions – what the heck are they?

Life Transitions – planned and unplanned

What do job change, loss of a loved one, moving, losing valuables in a flood, retirement, pregnancy, and graduating high school all have in common? Drum roll please…they are all LIFE TRANSITIONS! Sounds like a fancy name given to something that is not actually fancy at all? You’re correct! “Life transitions” is a blanket term “we therapy people” give to the personal experience of coming to terms with any change throughout life that causes us to re-invent ourselves in some way. We go through change and transition all the time; some are easy and some are not. A life transition can be expected, like turning 30, or unexpected, like losing your home in a fire.

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